I spent a very lovely afternoon with some curious cats

I know this May be asking a lot, but please consider going to this link and donate money, even if it is a dollar.. Anything can help this family right now. The Loschiavo’s lost their daughter on Saturday September 27th after a long three year battle. Three years ago she was struck by a van crossing a road and suffered many brain and upper body injuries. She was in a coma all three years. She has taught so many people a life lessons.  She was a fighter and is now flying high with the angels, cheering and not suffering. Her family did everything to keep her comfortable at home and tended to her every need.. So I beg you to consider donating money to help them with funeral costs and other costs. Please.

My mom got a new puppy
If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go - Matthew Gray Gubler   (via astronomized)

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